Amazing Built-In Features to Help Church and Ministry Application

Engaging with an application within a congregation, community or organization can have amazing opportunities to increase fundraising and volunteer outreach. Website Church apps and Church Helper’s mobile application builder will help you connect with your local community.

Everyone has a smartphone, and many churches have one. It can be expensive to develop a custom church app. You don’t need any previous experience or the assistance of church app developers to build your app using Church Helper’s church app maker.

Facebook Sharing

You can share your message with your church members and app users via this social sharing function. For example, they can share the sermons and blog entries they like that you have submitted to the app.


The church app’s contact feature is an important component. The church app allows members to contact them at any time. This creates a loyal and reliable community.


With the calendar, you can quickly set up any upcoming event such as a church choir practice or special mass. You may see a rise in church attendance.


Blogs are a great addition to this type of program. A church blog is a wonderful way to communicate your viewpoint, biblical passages or new details about church activities.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are an essential component of any software. You can send notifications to your software for new blog entries, sermons, events news, reminders, or updates.

Ad Analytics

App analytics allows you to improve your app continuously while increasing its reach.

Voting and Survey

You can ask your users questions and conduct polls about the app. Your community’s experience can be improved by listening to your customers.

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