Alcohol and Drug Rehab. Drinking too much alcohol or binge-drinking can lead to poisoning

Around 50 students perish each year due to excessive drinking. More than 1,400 students die each year from alcohol-related accidents. National Institute on Drug Abuse defined binge-drinking as men drinking five drinks in a row or more, and women at least four, look at this.

A person can become poisoned by alcohol if they consume large quantities quickly. Alcohol is a centrally nervous system.
The depressant can be lethal. The drug can cause a wide range of behavioral, emotional and physical reactions.
It is called a brain.

Even a low alcohol concentration can impair speech, mobility, and vision. As alcohol consumption increases, the amount consumed also rises.
The effects of alcohol on coordination, reflexes, balance, etc. can be detrimental. As you continue to drink, it will only get worse.
Respiration control and heart rate is impaired. Also, a sudden drop in heart rate and stopping breathing can occur.
coma or death.

The average body oxidizes one drink (one ounce) per hour.
The time can vary from 45 minutes to 90 minute depending on what someone has consumed and their speed of drinking.
They need to drink for them reach their maximum level. Ensure that the drunken individual is awake.

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