3 Ways To Create Online Network Marketing Leads For Free

No matter how many leads you generate, every online network marketer could use more.

More is better. There is only one issue…they can be suckable, recommended reading?

All your profits must be spent before you can make any money. If you do not have 500 to spend on advertising each month, then you will have to use free techniques that are effective.

This is why I wrote this article. Online network marketing has been my business for years.

One thing that I am proud of is the amount of free leads I have generated.

This allows me to retain a larger portion of the profit as I build my business.

These are some of the methods I’ve used to generate free leads in my network marketing or other online businesses.

Don’t forget that nothing works if you do not use it enough, even free marketing methods.

1. Twitter has become a must-have website. By visiting home-based business forums and networking marketing groups, I can create up to 15 leads per day. The leaders that post frequently are the ones I look for on Twitter. I add their name and also the top 5 people they follow. To build trust I respond personally to those who send me genuine messages. I do not respond to “product pitchers”. Then I queue up between 10 and 15 messages per day with pure, valuable content. It’s that simple! ….Piece Of Cake!

2. Linkedin has only been discovered by me a couple of weeks ago. The average annual income of users on this website is $106,000, with many stating that they’re looking for entrepreneurship opportunities on their profile. It’s not possible for me to explain what exactly I do, but I can say that if you add value to their lives and solve problems, they will eventually ask, “What do you do?”

3. Video’s take too long to shoot. In today’s world of “make-money scams”, you need to stand out by being in front a camera. To review a product or company, I find an internet marketing book. Then I write the 10 most common questions people have about the topic and make videos for them. I usually have them all ready within one hour. To make it easy for people to click, I display the link to my website in my video.

It’s pretty simple, right? It shouldn’t be hard to generate leads for your company. With free advertising, it may take several weeks of hard work before you see results.

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